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as of 09/07/05

You know what, if I get a nickel for every time somebody says to me, "I don't get you Hanvi," I'd be rich. Honestly, sometimes, I don't even get myself. It's almost as if I have a split personality or something. And depending which of the two sides of me you meet, you would have totally different opinions about me.

Just to make it more clear for you of what I'm trying to say, here's what 2 friends of mine have said about me not too long ago:

One said, "You are so wild and crazy. You'd probably try just about anything, wouldn't you?"

The other said, "You're too quiet, too much of a goody goody. You should get out more. Relax, have fun."

I know, sounds like polar opposites, right?

How would I describe myself? I'm a spontaneous, spur of the moment type of person. I'm a daydreamer. I like to sit in front of a lake and ponder about things. I am a passionate person. When I love, I love with all my heart and soul, and would do everything I can to keep it. When I'm mad, I get myself into very heated up arguments. When I believe in something, I fight for it until the very end. I am hard headed and stubborn, I do only what I think is right. I am short-tempered, I get mad easily, but get over it even more easily. I am afraid of loneliness; yet at times I long for nothing more than to have some time to myself.

What do I do for fun? My first love was music. I like listening to music and singing. My first dream was to be a professional Vietnamese singer. I like to read. I like getting lost in a good novel or get inspired by such books as the Chicken Soup for the Soul series. I like Vietnamese poetry. My favorite poems are those of Nguyen Tat Nhien, I find myself relating to many of them. I like writing my own poems as well, although they're not all that good, it at least help me to express my feelings. I like going to the movies, especially if it's either a good comedy or chick flick. Action movies are cool too, sometimes. I like some artsy crafty stuff too, like crocheting and embroidery. I like trying new things. Tried clubbing for a while when I was in FL for college, got tired of it pretty soon though. I like shopping, but I need to quit, that hobbie's costing me too much dinero. I like visiting new places. I hope to travel all over the world one day, I'll do that once I have found the time and the money to do so. I like meeting new people. Although it is very unlikely that I would be the one to start the conversation, I have a hard time approaching people.

My upbringing? I was born in Pensacola, FL and have never stepped foot in Vietnam. Yet, I love the Vietnamese culture. I like Vietnamese music, literature, clothing, and food. I taught myself how to read and write Vietnamese when I was six. I did so by spending many hours watching karaoke videos. I am an only child in my family, and have always wanted to have siblings to play with. I, by my own choice, converted to a Christian when I was 6 or 7 years old. I moved to Maryland when I was about 11, because my dad had a better job offer. I moved back to FL for college to get away for a while. In Florida, I had more freedom, and got a chance to finally go to parties and go clubbing. But it got boring after a while. Then I was in TX, and finally back to MD.

My life rite now? I'm in college still, for that degree in psychology. I spend most of my weekends w/ my hunnie. And any other free time I get, I'm either working out, surfing the net, reading magazines, crocheting, or watching TV. Also, of course, thinking about my hunnie and our upcoming wedding.

Hanvi Nguyen

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