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This page is dedicated to one of my all-time favorite singer, Dam Vinh Hung! His voice is so captivating, and I just love the way he sings. Plus, he's cute. He's got really nice eyes.

The first time that I heard DVH's music was actually when I was on a date w/ this one guy. He had the cd "Binh Minh Se Mang Em Di" playing the whole time in his car. The song that really caught my attention was "Tinh Yeu Khong Loi". The song is unique, and I really liked the lyrics. Anywayz, I borrowed the cd, and loved so many of the songs. Besides the 2 listed above, I also liked "Co Don Minh Anh", "Xin Diu Nhau Den Tinh Yeu", and "Huyen Thoai Nang To Thi"...just to name a few. Well, I soon stopped seeing the guy that I was dating...but I fell in love w/ Dam Vinh Hung's voice more and more each day. My fave song from him thus far is "Nguoi Tinh Doi Gian". I can so relate to the song, and he sounds awesome in it. "ngay xua do trai tim em thuot ve anh...roi khi em danh mai bao dam me...tinh yeu kia bao noi e che...hay thay doi de anh yeu nhu ngay xua..." I love that song!

DVH also sounds good in old songs such as "Bai Thanh Ca Buon" and "Tango Di Vang". In fact, I actually think he sings "Bai Thanh Ca Buon" better than MQ. And you know how much I like MQ...

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