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My Fave...

COLORS: pink, blue, black, and white

CAI LUONG SINGERS (Male): Minh Phung, Minh Canh, Minh Vuong, Chi Tam, Hung Cuong, Thanh Tuan, Vu Luan, and Tan Giao

CAI LUONG SINGERS (Female): Le Thuy, Thoai My, and Hanvi (hihi...j/k)

CAI LUONG (Video): "To Anh Nguyet" starring Minh Vuong & Le Thuy

CAI LUONG (Audio --> Tinh Cam Xa Hoi): "Mua Thu La Bay"

CAI LUONG (Audio --> Kiem Hiep/Co Trang): "Xin Mot Lan Yeu Nhau"

TAN CO GIAU DUYEN SONGS: "Mua Tren Pho Hue", "Mai Lo Hai Minh Xa Nhau", "Ganh Lua", "Khi Khong", and "Mua Gat Lua"

Cai Luong Roles to Portray: Lan from "Lan & Diep", Nhung from "Bach Hai Duong", Suong from "Tinh Co Gai Hue", Mai from "Nghiep Cam Ca", and Luom from "Song Dai"

TAN CO SONGS TO SING: "Ly Chim Quyen", "Hao Hoa", "Mua Gat Lua", "Nau Banh Dem Xuan", and "Duyen Ngheo"

TAN NHAC SONGS TO SING: "Thuong Em Ly Miet Vuon", "Xin Dung Trach Em Toi Nghiep", "Toi Tinh", "Tieng Thach Sung", "Uoc Mo Cua Toi", and "Con Trai Mien Tay"

BOOKS: Memoir of a Geisha, Chicken Soup for the Soul series, and most Quynh Dao novels

VIET SINGERS: Ngoc Chinh (my hubby), Phan Dinh Tung, Duong Ngoc Thai, Manh Quynh, Nhu Quynh, and Quang Linh

VIET SONGS: "Go Cua Trai Tim", "Meo Hoang", "Ru Em Vao Mong", "Hay Ngu Di Em", and "Nguoi Tinh Doi Gian"

AMERICAN SINGERS: Celine Dion, Usher, Christina Aguillera, Shania Twain, Michelle Branch, and Avril Lavigne

AMERICAN SONGS: "If You're Not the One", "U Got It Bad", "Still The One, "Underneath Your Clothes", and "The Impossible"

MOVIES: Armageddon, Clueless, Pearl Harbor, Forest Gump, and Legally Blonde

ACTORS: Ben Affleck, Bruce Willis, Brad Pitt, Tom Hanks, and George Clooney

ACTRESSES: Sandra Bullock, Gwyneth Paltrow, Angelina Jolie, Meryl Streep, and Natalie Portman

TVB Series: "Than Dieu Dai Hiep" starring Andy Lau

HK ACTORS: Luu Duc Hoa, Quach Tan An, Lam Phong, and La Gia Luong

HK ACTRESSES: Chau Hue Man and Lam Tam Nhu

TV SHOWS: "Friends", "Desperate Housewives", and "Oprah"

FOODS: mam chung, eggs, banh bao, banh xeo, goi cuon, lobster, sushi, and most Italian foods

DRINKS: guava juice, lemonade, water, flavored water, and hot chocolate for those cold winter nights

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