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How I Came to Liking Nam Ca Si Manh Quynh And What Makes Me So Drawn to His Music

I first knew of nam ca si Manh Quynh in the summer of '97, at the time being I was 12 years old. I know you're probably thinking I'm too young to know that much about music. Well, I do. I might be born in the US, but I know my Viet music!!!

Anyway back to my love for Manh Quynh's music. My aunt was actually a fan of his before I even knew he existed. That summer I came to visit her and she was playing his music everywhere: at her house, in her car, karaoke, and everywhere in between. After a few listens I found that he has a really fab voice. So I bought 2 of his cd's "Nhan Co Cho Em" and "Tro Ve Cat Bui". I also got Que Huong Tinh Yeu Va Tui Tre 1, in which Manh Quynh made his first video debut singing "Nhan Co Cho Em." It was after that video that he became one of my favorite singers, and eventually became my absolute favorite!!!

Some might wonder why I am so in love w/ Manh Quynh's music. Like you're probably thinking, she's oh so young and is born in the US, like does she even understand all that he is singing? Surprisingly enough, I do. Every word of it. Kind of the reason for why I'm so attracted to Manh Quynh's music. For a lot of the songs he sings has a lot of meaning to it. For example the songs "Tro Ve Cat Bui" and Manh Quynh's very own "Tro Ve Cat Bui 2" helps you to look at life in a totally different way.

Also I grew up listening to cai luong and singers like Che Linh, Son Tuyen, Huong Lan, and Tuan Vu. Therefore I've been listening to that type of music since I was 3 yrs. old or so. So it's no surprise that MQ's music appeals to me.

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