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My Interpretations on the Meaning of Love...

It is when everything that used to matter doesn't matter anymore

You're willing to accept the other person's faults

When everything is going great, but you still wish that person is there w/ u to share the moment

Willing to forget and forgive all the wrong things they've done

Sharing your dreams and goals with each other

Always there for one another no matter what

You still get that tingly feeling when you're around each other...even though u've been together for the longest time

You can never get enough of each other

You try your best to make each other part of your plans

Wanting what's best for the other person

Willing to sacrifice your happiness for them

Doing whatever it takes to make them happy...even if it means losing them

Supportive towards each other

Letting each other in on secrets

Never pressuring them to do anything they do not feel right about

Accepting them for who they are

Being honest to yourself and each other

You're still excited to hear their voice on the phone...even though you've heard it a million times

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