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Seeing MQ on New Year's Day 2000

Well, I actually wanted to go on New Year's Eve for the concert, but my parents decided to wait until 1/1/2000 because of the whole thing with the Y2K bug. So, we ended up going on New Year's Day.
Da Vu bac dau tu 8:30 cho den 1:30. Vi den nha hang do khoang 8:00. Khoang, 10 phut sau thi Vi thay Nguyen Ngoc Ngan va Nguyen Cao Ky Duyen walk in through the front door. Roi thi Vi moi nhin qua va da biet duoc rang co vai nguoi ca si khac da den roi. Va trong do gom co anh Manh Quynh. Sau do thi Vi da di den ban cua may nguoi ca si. Luc Vi den ban thi anh Manh Quynh dang noi chuyen voi ca si My Huyen. I guess you can say I sort of interrupted, and said "Hello anh Manh Quynh". I thought that I was going to have to introduce myself again, but he recognizes who I am instantly. He said, "Hi em. Em den lau chua?" I gave him a hug then, and said "da. Em moi den mot chut thoi." Then, I asked to take pictures with him, since I didn't get to last time. Hoang Tu, one of the singers there (from Texas, I believe) took the picture for us. Sau do Vi co request anh Quynh hat bai "Ru Em Vao Mong", nhung anh noi la vi co nhieu ca si qua anh khong the hat duoc. Anh co noi la se tang cho Vi mot cuon cd, "Tinh Say", va se lay cd trong luc break.

Later, khi nhieu nguoi ca si khac den, Vi co qua de chup hinh voi may nguoi ca si do. Vi da duoc chup hinh chung voi Lynn (Cong Thanh's wife), Quang Minh, Nhu Quynh, and Don Ho. Vi co dem theo cai cover cua cuon cd "Tim Vo" va da xin chu ky cua chi Nhu Quynh va Don Ho. Trong luc Don Ho autograph cd cho Vi, thi Vi dang ngoi ke anh Manh Quynh, since the seat was empty at the time. Va da co chup them 2 tam hinh voi anh Quynh nua.

Hom do anh Manh Quynh da trinh bay bai hat "Long Me 2", va phan nua cua "Trong Tam Mat Doi" va "Ai Kho Vi Ai". He was sensational, as always. I got my mom to tape that for me.

A while later, Nhu Quynh da len trinh dien va Vi cung dang record her. Nhung roi anh Quynh den bang ngoi va Vi da nhung quay NQ. Anh Quynh ngoi do voi Vi for khoang muoi may phut. Vi co hoi anh ve chiec nhan ma anh co mang trong nhieu cuon video, Vi hoi co phai la engagement ring cua anh hay khong? Anh noi la "khong. Cai nay la cua Nguoi Dep Binh Duong tang cho anh sau 2 nam lam viec."

Sau khi Luong Tung Quang vua hat tren san khau xong, thi Vi da den de ma xin chu ky va chup hinh chung. Hoai Linh was right when he say "dep trai ma hat hay". Since Vi den ben do mot minh, Vi phai nho anh Quynh chup gium picture cho Vi.

Sau khi concert da het va the lights were turned back on, anh Quynh da den ban Vi. He reached in his pocket, and took out the "Tinh Say" cd. He autographed it for me then. Then we hugged, and said Happy New Year to each other. We took another picture then too.