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"Seeing Him Again"
(March 2001)

I wrote this for a 10th grade English an A on it.

I saw him again the other day
At the same place we first met
Neither of us knew what to say
Though no longer upset

He smiled at me in the same manner that he used to
And his eyes were dazzling much like the night sky
I smiled back, for that was all I knew to do
Said hi and walked right on by

Is there no hope for me and you?
Are we really like oil and water, never blending?
Tell me, is it really true
That we are never to be mending?

My mind is a wandering traveler on the go it my fault that we are apart?
Or is it your fault that things are so?
No, it was both of us that took part

I hear a familiar song from afar
The song is ours, but we are no more.

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